Saturday, 9 June 2018

Environmental Biotechnology at Bio Asia Pacific Congress 2018

Environmental biotechnology is a system of science and engineering knowledge used in prevention, treatment and monitoring of environmental pollution through bio-treatment, bio-remediation of polluted environments, and bio-monitoring of environmental and its treatment processes. The process has been shown to play a substantial role in maintaining zero waste agriculture and most significantly through the operation of over 15 million biogas digesters worldwide. The main application of this system is the biodegradation/detoxification of hazardous substances in industrial waste. Some of the biotechnological agents used include bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa.

Submit your abstract at:  and join us at the 16th Asia Pacific Biotechnology Conference, August 15-16, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for more in-depth discussions on the aforesaid topic.

Karen Young
Program Manager- Bio Asia Pacific Congress 2018

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